On the power to cancel psychotherapy sessions

For the last 15 months, I have been in (psychodynamic) psychotherapy. During this time, I have attended all sessions. Alas, last week, I said to my therapist that I had to cancel this week’s sessions for professional reasons (I have meeting that cannot be re-scheduled), giving the therapist a week’s notice. I was asked to pay for the session anyway. I will not. Here is why. Continue reading “On the power to cancel psychotherapy sessions”

On medicalisation of suicide

It takes two years to get healthy, proposes the American Psychiatric Association in its newly published revised text of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR). This is the time it takes to shed the diagnosis of the re-defined ‘suicidal behaviour disorder’, which the text pushes forward towards recognition as a fully-fledged illness. I would like to comment on the text of the DSM, and also on the idea itself. Some might find this blog controversial and difficult. Continue reading “On medicalisation of suicide”

500 km

Noam Chomsky, admittedly, one of most important linguists (and probably more widely) of 20th century has again spoken about the Russian invasion on Ukraine. I’d like to respond, even though I think he will never read it or care. In this post, I want to write what it has meant for me to live about 500 km from where bombs were falling. I’ve re-edited the post a number of times, I have attempted to make it less aggressive. Continue reading “500 km”

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