Writing about suffering…and wine

A few years ago, I started reading about wine (a few months ago, I even started doing some writing). At first, I didn’t tell anyone about it (apart from people very close to me), later, I started talking about it more openly. And the reaction has been, to put it euphemistically, mixed. So here is a blog not so much about my interest in wine, but about what it means to study and write about pure suffering. Continue reading “Writing about suffering…and wine”

Arizona, communism, and a glass of Chablis

I often say that I am a child of communism (born and university educated still in communist Poland, I wrote about it here). It has had a significant impact on how I have viewed reality around me  and myself in it. As I grow older I reach back to to that time. In this post, I want to tell one of my favourite stories from the times of communism.  So, here is a post about Polish ‘wine’ and my first ever glass of wine. Continue reading “Arizona, communism, and a glass of Chablis”

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