A month of my life

On Sunday, 27 February I was working with Justyna Ziółkowska on a paper of ours. It was just after Russia had invaded Ukraine and we were still in shock. Instead of working, we decided to watch the news. At some point, hearing about refugees coming into Poland, Justyna said: We should write a therapeutic tale. These children will need help, and there is none at the moment. What a wonderful idea, I said (very impressed). Continue reading “A month of my life”

Just sit with me

The Lancet commission on the value of death has published a report (link here). It’s supposed to bring ‘death to life’. I learnt about it on Twitter where one of the recommendations of the commission was applauded. The recommendation was that difficult conversations be renamed essential conversations. Gosh, I thought (sarcastically), just don’t set the world on fire with your radicalism. Here are a few comments on what the commission has to say about difficult conversations. Continue reading “Just sit with me”

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