Podcasting wine

I have discovered podcasts. For some time, I’ve heard podcasts are an interesting replacement of radio or other media, but somehow, I haven’t been interested. But recently I realised that instead of half-listening to music when I drive or walking mindlessly with my dog, I could actually listen to something. And the something I decided on was podcasts on wine. Indeed, after some searchers, quite a lot appeared. In this post, I want to write about my experience as a podcast listener. Continue reading “Podcasting wine”

What matters and what doesn’t

One of the daily features of my Twitter timeline are tweets telling people how to speak. I regularly object to such policing. Not only, in my view, is it pointless, but, more importantly, it is only about the tweeter exercising (and consolidating) their power to tell people what to do. I recently wrote about (link here) the use of ‘die’ in palliative care, today I want to go back to the ‘c-phrase’. Here is another post about language policing. Continue reading “What matters and what doesn’t”

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