Power of the layout

A few days ago, I was sitting in an office of a psychologist/psychotherapist and commented on the fact that I barely saw her. It was sunny outside, the psychotherapist’s was sitting close to the window with her back towards it and as the glare dazzled me. I am sitting in the shade, she responded. I thought it was a very interesting response, but what struck me again, was the layout of the office/surgery. The blog on surgeries’ layout has been long coming. Continue reading “Power of the layout”

Stop pressuring me

Anyone can help, say Canadian Mental Health Association’s Centre for Suicide Prevention. They issue yet another call to arms. People are struggling, thinking of suicide, and you can help, and you, you, and also you. No hesitation, no reflection, just get on with it and help. I don’t like this text at all, this blog explains why. This post might be controversial for some people. Continue reading “Stop pressuring me”

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