Medicine and ‘neutral language’

A few days ago, Twitter was quite excited by a new study on the language of medical notes. The study, called “Do Words Matter?”, answers in the affirmative. Of course, they do, in fact, the use of ‘stigmatising language’ was associated with negative attitudes of medics reading the notes. As I keep saying that medicine pays too much attention to words, I decided to investigate.

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Reviewing qualitative research

The issue of publishing qualitative research has resurfaced. The British Psychological Society issued a statement with their concerns about two journals, including the BMJ, relegating such research to the low priority, non-citeable category. Needless to say, I think such decisions are very unhelpful and I am one of signatories of the letter challenging the policy. I haven’t changed my mind at all, I continue to regard such policies as utterly misguided. Yet, I want to share my recent experiences with attempting to publish qualitative stuff. Continue reading “Reviewing qualitative research”

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