Suicide and agency

The recent campaign focusing on men’s suicide, Project 84,raised my linguistic eyebrow. While I think the campaign is great and very needed, what struck me was the phrase ‘lost to suicide’: 84 sculptures represent “a real life lost to suicide”. Indeed, the phrase was used many times in Twitter exchanges. Men were ‘lost to suicide’. This post might be controversial to some readers. Continue reading “Suicide and agency”

Questionnaire revolution? I don’t think so!

A few days ago, I read about the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ) which, the article title suggested, revolutionise mental health care in Canada. Wow! I thought. That must be a questionnaire and half. And so, as I have written before on questionnaires, I thought I would have a look and see this wonder of wonders.  I am delighted to say that I was able to download the sample of the questionnaire from its website. Continue reading “Questionnaire revolution? I don’t think so!”

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