On language arguments

Some time ago, Peter Kinderman and Anne Cooke proposed a guide to “language about mental health”. I commented on it at the time and while I don’t think my comments should be seen as imperatives, I am disappointed that the two psychologists simply ignored the arguments. The latest version of their guide still has little to do with language. Running quickly through some of the problems, I would like to take up the issue of language arguments in mental healthcare. Continue reading “On language arguments”

Language and emotions

Every now and again, my Twitter timeline contains reference to a feelings wheel. There are many versions of it (here is a link to the best 25 of them, apparently) all aiming to help me identify my emotions. Every time I see one, I despair. So, here is a rough guide a language and emotions. But if there is one blogpost in which I would like to keep saying that things are really more complex, it is this one. This is also why it’s a long post. Continue reading “Language and emotions”

Manifesto for manifestos

I have toyed with this post for some time. I might be out my depth here, but finally decided to write. Some time ago I read a new manifesto for primary care.  I do believe that the manifesto comes from a deep concern about how medics care about me and opposition to paternalistic medicine which knows better, and for which I am only an object of actions. And I do agree. And yet, I want to respond. Continue reading “Manifesto for manifestos”

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