How to write a book

So, I wrote the book proposal, sent it off, had my title changed into something quite pedestrian, but searchable and got a contract, which stipulated how long the book would be and when I would need to send the script. I also did all the research; I have a fair view of the literature. For all intents and purposes I can start writing. Now, in contrast to advice on book proposals, advice Continue reading “How to write a book”

Critical disciplines

As I was pondering potential advantages of critical suicidology over the non-critical (normal, usual) yesterday, I stopped to think. What does the attribute ‘critical’ offer?  Why would ‘critical suicidology’ be better than the regular one? And it’s not only suicidology, it’s also pedagogy, ethnography, psychiatry, you name it, it’s also in the critical version. See Continue reading “Critical disciplines”

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