Gender of the handshake

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been aware of the handshake. As a boy, then a youngster and later I always knew that I had to shake my (male) friends’ hands firmly, perhaps even very firmly. My friends and I knew those ‘strange’ boys and men whose handshake offered a hand with no or very little tension.  Perhaps to a lesser extent but also my female friends looked at such boys with disapproval. But, to be honest, apart from my tacit and unreflected upon knowledge, I hardly ever really thought about it. Continue reading “Gender of the handshake”

How to write a book

So, I wrote the book proposal, sent it off, had my title changed into something quite pedestrian, but searchable and got a contract, which stipulated how long the book would be and when I would need to send the script. I also did all the research; I have a fair view of the literature. For all intents and purposes I can start writing. Now, in contrast to advice on book proposals, advice Continue reading “How to write a book”

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