On blaming the patient

This will be a controversial blog. I still think the issue is important and I want to write about it. It is about news some time ago of a doctor who killed herself after being suspended by her managers. The suspension resulted from a complaint by her patient. The patient had seen the doctor’s blog where she wrote about her bipolar disorder. The patient decided that a mentally ill doctor should not be a doctor.

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Reaction to my all-male panel challenge

I’ve been wondering whether to write this post. After all, most of what I have to say, was said and perhaps this post will be rehashing things. But then I’ve just read this article (it’s in Polish). It is a news story about negative reactions to a panel of 7 men discussing abortion rights, experiences, consequences. Yes, 7 men only discuss, among others, what it means to have an abortion. You just couldn’t make this up! So perhaps there is a point writing this blog.

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