Critical disciplines

As I was pondering potential advantages of critical suicidology over the non-critical (normal, usual) yesterday, I stopped to think. What does the attribute ‘critical’ offer?  Why would ‘critical suicidology’ be better than the regular one? And it’s not only suicidology, it’s also pedagogy, ethnography, psychiatry, you name it, it’s also in the critical version. See Continue reading “Critical disciplines”

Twitter psychopathology

I was just looking at a few Twitter accounts, I was reading that people are professors, dads, mums, runners, researchers, theorists…So many labels, my head was spinning. Yes, I am a ‘dad’. This label describes such richness of experiences, emotions, events, memories, and, I don’t know, photographs. All conveyed in a myriad of stories, some joyful, some excruciatingly sad, some funny, some for everybody, some for closest of friends. All Continue reading “Twitter psychopathology”

My first blog post

This is (at the moment of writing: will be) my blog. I am not certain yet what will be here, but as I get older, I feel the need to record what I have done, do, thought, think. Just for the heck of it, but also for…. I don’t know.

This is the post when the blog is not yet live. This is preparing the ground. I look forward to recording.

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