Border discourse – ESRC

1999-2000, Border discourse. Changing nations, changing identities, changing stories in Polish and German border communities. Funded by the ESRC  (Ref.R000 22 2899; c. £36,000). In cooperation with Ulrike H. Meinhof, University of Bradford.


I met Ulrike at a symposium organised by Adam Jaworski (then at Cardiff). We talked and talked, and Ulrike suggested a joint project. It was to focus on villages, towns, cities in Germany and Poland which through which came a border of a nation state.

This was a momentous project for me. I was always ‘strange’ in that I rejected the Polish-German vitriolic enmity, but hte project showed Germany I had not exepcted. Before we began, in a little German village on the Polish-German border, we had a long convesation about what we thought about our project. This became the conversation between us. Ulrike recorded it. I never listened to it again. It was too powerful.

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