Between isolation and treatment

2014-2017 Between isolation and treatment. Psychiatric detention in the narratives of interned patients and medical documentation. National Science Centre (Ref 2013/09/B/HS6/02796; PLN 318,233). With Justyna Ziolkowska, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland.


This project is the first externally funded project between Justyna and me. We have collaborated for years, first on her MA and PhD theses and on our articles. In this project we took the next step. The project is ongoing and it’s been great, mind-blowing data which we shall soon share. We are preparing our first texts.


The quantitative side of the project is taken care of by Tomasz Grzyb (SWPS). The data have been collected by Bartłomiej Trzepizur. Psychiatric consultation is given by Piotr Baranowski (Medical University, Wroclaw).

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