Suicide – context and meaning

Chris Ryan, a psychiatrist, writes about the futility of risk assessment in a group of patients admitted in emergency. He shows that they are more then likely to score high on quite a number of risk factors, so it is futile to take them into account, as most of them are unlikely to take their lives. His blog, on the excellent Imperfect cognitions, is in tune with a recent paper in which he and his co-authors write in the abstract: Continue reading “Suicide – context and meaning”

Grammar, a great equaliser

A recent article on The Conversation website has taken issue with teaching grammar. It shows up prescriptivist linguistics which takes upon itself to police the way we speak and write, castigating us for making mistakes. For example, I recently heard two young people arguing and one of them was shouting at the other: ‘I wish I went yesterday’. Of course, he should have said ‘I wish I had gone…’. That’s the grammatically correct way, as any (prescriptivist) linguist would know. Continue reading “Grammar, a great equaliser”

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