Pull no punches

I decided to read a grant application on the plane from Rome. As I was reading it, I got more and more frustrated with what was written. Basically, the project was all over the place. From strange and unaccounted for concepts, through bizarre associations between groups, all the way to a reality which I simply didn’t recognise. The review was not very difficult write, well, perhaps apart from the fact that it was very negative. That’s life, though. Continue reading “Pull no punches”

The default male killer

In a recent blog, Deborah Cameron explains and extends the notion of the ‘default male’. To give the most basic and well-known example, in language it is about using for example the male pronoun in reference to the generic person. Speakers, social actors, addressees etc. would have been referred to by the default ‘he’. But I find the example of ‘ethnic jokes’ particularly compelling; the ‘E Continue reading “The default male killer”

Interviewing misery

About ten years ago I was collecting data for my book on men’s depression in a psychiatric hospital in Krakow (I will write a blog about it). There were very few men diagnosed with depression, so when one day three men attending the outpatient clinic agreed to be interviewed, I was over the moon. I had three interviews, did them one after the other! The interviews were great, all lasted over an hour, the men were talking about extremely difficult things, all cried during the interview. All thanked me for listening.

Continue reading “Interviewing misery”

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