Prescription for the pyjamas

Over the last couple days I was called arrogant, ignorant, shallow, conceited, in dire need of help, anti-psychiatrist, obviously self-promoting. And that’s just by one person. Frankly, I would have blocked myself, so nothing offensive could reach me, but no, it seems it was much better to tell the world, how awful I was. I am not going to give links to those conversations – I don’t see the point. However, the thread about how stupid and awful I am has Continue reading “Prescription for the pyjamas”

Does it hurt?

I’ve been reading Liz O’Riordan’s blog. Wow – it’s powerful, awesome (in the basic meaning of the word), compulsive reading. We get to see breast cancer up close and personal, though the eyes of a person knowing it and fighting it. But I am also reading it as someone interested in medicine, writing about illness experience and medical practices. In a way, I think this blog should be compulsory reading for students of medicine and psychology. What I will say below is (partly), why I think that.

Continue reading “Does it hurt?”

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