The hellomynameis campaign makes sense. It was started by Dr Kate Granger, who, as a patient, noticed that not all members of staff introduced themselves. And so she suggested that health professionals pledge to introduce themselves to every patient they meet by saying “Hello, my name is….” This post is a linguist’s take on #hellomynameis. I want to explore Dr Granger’s intuition to use a particular kind of phrase as a means of starting a conversation with a patient. Continue reading “#hellomynameis”

When did it start?

“When did it start?” A question I’ve been asked by doctors more times than I care to remember.  Ever since I became interested in medicine, I have not understood this question. Somehow, it doesn’t matter how I feel, how bad it is, what it means to me. The crucial bit, asked immediately after I say what I came with, is when it started.  It just might be the most irritating question doctors can ask (me).

Continue reading “When did it start?”

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