Don’t speak ‘our language’

Over the last few weeks I have  seen usual advice for healthcare professionals more often than normally. Doctors should speak the language which is understandable to their patient. Just like with ‘It’s OK to talk’, I dislike this kind of advice, I think it’s meaningless, pointless and patronising. And this is what I want to write about.

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Don’t say this to me again, doctor!

I’ve been ill. Yes, it’s still the same illness I described two months ago. I hope  I’m getting better, though. This time. Over what is now over 3 months I have seen 5 doctors (in two countries) in over 10 consultations. But one of those conversations stuck in my mind. Two things were said and I should not have heard them. Continue reading “Don’t say this to me again, doctor!”

How about whispering, doctor?

I recently listened to Iona Heath’s lecture. It’s hard not to agree with what she says, focusing on my experiences, emotions, relationship between me and my doctor. But then, when we talk about conversations, are we really talking only about language? And so, I want to write about something I’ve been thinking about for some time (but done not much more than thinking), the voice.

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