Questionnaire revolution? I don’t think so!

A few days ago, I read about the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ) which, the article title suggested, revolutionise mental health care in Canada. Wow! I thought. That must be a questionnaire and half. And so, as I have written before on questionnaires, I thought I would have a look and see this wonder of wonders.  I am delighted to say that I was able to download the sample of the questionnaire from its website. Continue reading “Questionnaire revolution? I don’t think so!”

On language arguments

Some time ago, Peter Kinderman and Anne Cooke proposed a guide to “language about mental health”. I commented on it at the time and while I don’t think my comments should be seen as imperatives, I am disappointed that the two psychologists simply ignored the arguments. The latest version of their guide still has little to do with language. Running quickly through some of the problems, I would like to take up the issue of language arguments in mental healthcare. Continue reading “On language arguments”

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