On ‘weasel words’

Here is my second post on the Power Threat Meaning Framework. I decided to write this because I am disappointed. I hoped for a document which would be much more measured, careful, and without the rhetorical acrobatics which I’ve seen in such texts before. So, as I have already offered much critique of how the ICD-10 is written, for good measure, I’m offering critique of a document which aims to replace it. Continue reading “On ‘weasel words’”

On verbs, nouns and pronouns in psychology

Last Friday saw the launch of the Power Threat Meaning framework.  It’s a complex idea for a system of understanding distress which could replace the nosological diagnosis. I think I want to write two posts about it. Today is the first and concerns a guide for ‘supporting narratives’. The later post will be about how the document is written. Continue reading “On verbs, nouns and pronouns in psychology”

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