Why psychiatrists choose psychiatry

Last night, I came across a number of tweets with the #PsychSocTakeover hashtag. It quickly transpired that it was about psychiatrists trying to get new people into psychiatry. I didn’t particularly like the discussions, as they showed psychiatry as a specialism of clear blue sky with not a cloud to be seen. I think I wrecked some of the fun with this tweet but what I found particularly interesting was why psychiatrists chose psychiatry. And this is what this blogpost is about. Continue reading “Why psychiatrists choose psychiatry”

How about not talking about suicide ideation?

Over the last few days I have been following the tweets from the congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention. As ever, I‘ve seen tweets about language which  matters, so I want to make a contribution to the ‘language matters’ discussion. I would like to suggest that suicidology stop talking about suicide ideation. Continue reading “How about not talking about suicide ideation?”

Being in-between

Over the summer, I spent 6 weeks in my native Poland, mostly writing a new book. It was the longest opportunity to speak only Polish I have had for a long time. As I welcomed the opportunity, it also became a source of frustration, and a little identity crisis. I actually started asking myself the question of who I was. And it was all about how we address each other. Continue reading “Being in-between”

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