No more wrinkles

My previous post incited some debate. Again and again, I was told that using the phrase ‘the elderly’ is wrong (here is a summary of such arguments), and even the elderly don’t like it (though is research suggesting that they used to) because it removes people from the description.  I would like to respond to the critique and, I’m afraid, I stand by the points I made earlier. Continue reading “No more wrinkles”

In defence of vulnerability

A couple of weeks ago or so, I came across a text which puts language squarely in the realm of the pandemic. It’s so bad that the author of the text says right in the title: The right words save lives. The wrong words kill. I’m no medic, but I do doubt that in the struggle with the pandemic, language is something medicine should worry about much. I also reject this common assault on words. Continue reading “In defence of vulnerability”

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