On the roof

In a recent Twitter exchange I was directed to Dr Stacey Freedenthal blogpost discussing two articles (here is the link), the links to the articles are in the text. First, it is an article asking ‘What would you say to a person on the roof?’; second, favoured more by the blogger, an article on how you would listen to the person on the roof. I want to comment on the articles and the blogpost. Continue reading “On the roof”

We’ll always have language. A response to Peter Kinderman

Professor Peter Kinderman, referred to as a prominent British psychologist, is reported to say (link to the article here) that it’s time “we should change the way we talk about depression, anxiety, and other forms of psychological distress.” I find the report on what he says not much more than irritating. Here is a response (though I doubt Prof. Kinderman will read it, but others might). Continue reading “We’ll always have language. A response to Peter Kinderman”

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